פרק ד פםוק כ- לא
1.What did Moshe take to Egypt with him? He took his wife, his sons,and his staff of ה'.
2.What will happen if פרעה does not listen to Moshe? ה' will harden יhis heart and he will not let them go.
3.What will happen to פרעה if he does not let the people go? his son would be killed.
4.Why that punishment?because משה said that בני ישראל was his son.
5.What happened to משה when he was in the hotel? An angel of ה' came and said he would kill .משה
6.What did צפורה do about it? צפורה took a sharp stone and gave there kids a .ברית מילה
7.Where did אהרון and משה meet? they met at הר האקים.
8.What did משה tell אהרון? Moshe told אהרון all the things ה' told him.משה
9.Who did משה and אהרוןי talk to about the thing ה' told him? they told the elders of בני ישראל about all the miracles.
10. What did the nation do when they her ה' remembered them? they listened to what they had to say and they bowed down.
Rashi Questions
1.When do we see the donkey in the past? We saw it when אברהם road it.
2.When have we seen this donkey or going to see this donkey? We saw it when אברהם was going to kill יצחק. When משה was going back to egypt and king mshiach will reveal him self on it.
3. Who will ride on the donkey in the future? מלך משיח
4.Who said poor and riding on a donkey? מלך משיח
5. What was hard for rashi in this section? It says he went to egypt and then he took his staff with him. but it should say he took the staff then went to egypt.

Vocab words

וירכיבם -he caused them to ride
ותמאן- if you refuse
במלון-in a hotel
המיתו- to kill him
'ויפגשהו ה-hashems angel met him
צור- a sharp stone like a knife
חתן דמים אתה לי- you almost became a dead husband to me
וירף ממנו- he left him
חתן דמים למולות- you almost killed my husband because he did not give a brit melah
וישק לו-and he kissed
ויאמן העם- and the nation believed
ויקדו-they bowed down
המיוחד-that was special
שחבש אברהם-that Avraham saddled
להגלות עליו-will reveal him self on
על מנת כן-for this
מופתי-my miracles

פרק יד פסוק כא-ל
Vocab Words
ויולך ה- and Hashem guided
רוח קדים- an eastern wind
לחרבה- to dry land
ויבקעו- and they split
חומה- wall
באשמורת הבוקר- the crack of dawn
וישקף ה- and Hashem looked
ויהם- he confused
אופן-the wheel
לאיתנו- to its strength
וינער ה- Hashem threw
ויאמינו- and they believed
1.How did the sea split?
וילך ה את הים ברוח קדים עזה כל הלילה וישם את הים לחרבה
2.What happened tff