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What did Moshe take to Egypt????????
ויקח משה את אשתו ואת בניו ביככבמ על החמור וישב ארצ מצרימה ויקח משה את מטה האלוקימ בידו
Why didn't pharaoh listen to what Moshe said to him????????????
ואני אחזק את לבו ולא ישלח את העמ
What would happen to pharaoh if he didn't listen?????????
ותמאן לשלחו הנה אנכי הורג את בנך בכורך
Why is this punishment so specific???????
כה אמר ה' בני בכורי ישראל
What appeared to Moshe on the way to the hotel??????????
ויתי בדרך במלון ויפגשהו ה ויבקש שמיתו
What did צפורה???????
ויתק צפורה צור ותכרות את ערלת בנה
Where did Moshe and Arron meet??????????????
וילח ויבגשהו בהר האלוקימ וישק לו
What did Moshe tell Arron??????????
ויגד משה לאהרון את כל דברי ה אשר שלחו ואת הכול האתות אשר צוהו

המיוחד- that was special
שחבש אברהמ-that Abraham saddled
להגלות עליו-will reveal himself on
על מנת כן- for this
מופתי-my miracles

פרק "יד
1. ויאמינו- and they believed
2. "ויולך ה- hashem guided
3. ינער ה- hashem threw
4. רוח קדימ- eastern wind
5.לחרבה- to dry land
6. ויבקעו- and it split
7. חומה- a wall
8. באשמורת הבוקר- at the crack of dawn
9. יבקש ה" - hashem looked
10. ויהמ- and he confused them
11. אופן- the wheel
12. לאיתנו- to it's strength

1. How did the the set hand a split????????Moshe stretched out his hand over the sea and hashem guided thw water with a string eastern wind all the night and it made the sea into dry land, and it split.
2. What happend when the water split??????
And the jewish people came into the sea onto the land and the water was a wall for them on the left and on the right.
3. What happend at the crack of dawn?????????????????
and the egyptians cjased after them and all the horses of pharoah and the riders and cheriots into the sea and it was at the crack of dawn hashem looked at the egyptians from the pillar of fire and the cloud and he confused the egyptians.
4. What did the egyptians do?????
and the egyptians chased after them and went after them and all the horses of pharoah and his riders and cheriots into the sea.
5. Why was it hard to drive cheriots?????
Becase he removed the wheels of the cheriots and they drove with great difficulty.
6. What did egypt shout???????
and the egyptians said lets run from the jewsih people because hashem is on their side and will fight for them against us.
7. What did hashem tell moshe to do???????
And hashem said to moshe stretch out your hand over the sea, and the w
ater returned.
8. What happend to the Egyptians when they went into the water?????????
and the eater returned and it covered the riders and the cheriots and every soldier of pharoah that came after them in the sea, not even one was left.
9. How did the jewish people know that hashem did a miracle???????????
and on that day hashem saved the jewish people from the hands of the egyptians and the jewish people saw the egptians lay dead on the shore of the sea.

10. Why did the jewish people believe in hashem and moshe??????
Because the jewish people saw the egyptians dead on the shore of the sea and the jewish people saw the great that hashem did to the egyptians and the nation feared hashem and they believed in hasehm and moshe his servent.

וכי- IS IT TRUE?
כחומה- LIKE A WALL