hi shmafna - emma
This is my study guide!!!
פרק ד, פסוקים כ, לא
Why will Pharaoh refuse to listen to Moshe?
What did Moshe take with him to Egypt? (3 answers)
What happened to Moshe in the hotel that he stayed at?
What did Tziporah do at the hotel?
Who did Moshe and his brother Aaron gather in Egypt?
What did the Jews do when they found out Hashem was watching them?
Where did Aaron and Moshe meet up?
רש"י:כ, לא
Who rode the donkey in the past?
How was the donkey so important?
Who will ride this donkey in the future?
According to Rashi, what wasn't being specific?
What does Moshe have to know?
Who must not be afraid of who?
Why is Hashem sending Moshe to Egypt?

שחבש אברהם

להגלות עליו


על מנת כן

Answers to 1st worksheet!
Pharaoh will refuse because Hashem hardened his heart.
Moshe will take his wife, children, and his staff.
An angel will meat up with him and will try to kill him.
Tziporah took a sharp rock and did the bris FOR Moshe.
The brothers gathered all the elders of Egypt.
They bowed down.
MOshe and Aaron met at the mountain of Hashem.

פרק י"ד פסוקים כא עד ל"א

ויולך ה'
וינער ה'
רוח קדים
וישקף ה'
בעשמרת הבוקר

1. What happened in the CRACK of dawn?
2. What did the Egyptians do?
3. Why were the wheels so hard to move?
4. What did the Egyptians yell out?
5. What did Hashem command Moshe to do?
6. What happened to the Egyptians when they were in the sea?
7. Why did the Jews believe in Hashem and Moshe?

Answers to Vocabulary questions:

And Hashem guided

And they believed

And Hashem threw

Eastern wind

To it's strength


To the dry land

And he confused

And Hashem looked

At the CRACK of dawn

Was like a wall for them

Answers to Chumash questions:

באשמרת הבוקר וישקף ה' אל מחנה מצרים בעמד אש וענן.

וירדפו מצרים ויבאו אחריהם כל סוס פרעה רכבו ופרשיו אל תוך הים.

אנוסה מפני ישראל כי ה' נלחם