פרק יד פסוק כ''א-ל''א

Question Sheet!

1. ?איך נבקע הים סוף
2. What happened when the water stood up on both sides?
3. What happened at pre-dawn?
4. מה עשו המיצרים?
5. Why was it difficult to drive the chariots?
6. מה צעקו המצרים?
7. What did 'ה command משה to do?
8. What happened to the Egyptians in the sea?
9. What did Bnai Yisrael know because did a miracle for them?
10. מדוע האמינו בני''י בה'' ומשה?


1.Moshe stretched his hand over the sea and Hashem guided the sea with a strong eastern wind all night and made 2 walls.
2. The water was a wall on their right and left.
3. Hashem looked at the מצרים in a pillar of fire and a cloud and confused them.
4. And the Egyptians chased after them and went after them all of pharoah's horses riders and chariots in the sea.
5. G-d took off the wheel from the chariots.
6. Run from Israel because G-d will fight for them.
7. Stretch out your hand over the water and the water will fall on the Egyptians.
8. And the water returned on the riders and chariots Moshe stretched out his hand and the water returned before dawnto its strength.
9. Hashem saved Israel.
10. Israel saw the great hand of Hashem that did for them great miracles.