Perek ד


Rashi notes
על מנת כן: for this מדוקדקים: specific להגלות עליו: he will reveal himself on שחבש אברהם: that avraham saddled מיוחד: the special one
מופתי: My miracles
  • the donkey that moshe rode was one of the special 7 things that Hashem created before the world
  • It is the donkey that avraham saddled to go to עקידת יצחק
  • it is the donkey that the mashiach will reveal himself on

  • ה' tells avraham that he shouldn't be afraid in front of pharaoh

useful notes

  • He took his staff
  • an angel of hashem appeared to him and wanted to kill him because he didn't perform
  • tsipporah grabbed a sharp stone and quickly performed a brit milah

Perek י ד pasukim כא-לא


וילך ה- and ה guided